Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you wish to give another person the authority to manage your affairs, alongside you, a Lasting Power of Attorney will enable you to do this.

Whilst you may have heard that this is more complicated than its predecessor. the “Enduring Power of Attorney”, we can guide you through this procedure.

For someone who is disabled or elderly, they can authorise an Attorney to deal with their affairs and this power will still be effective if the person becomes unable to manage their own affairs, through physical or mental incapacity. This would include persons suffering not just with forms of dementia but also degenerative diseases, such as motor neurone or multiple sclerosis.

If a person lacks the ability to give instructions, an application can be made to have a suitable person, (usually a relative) made a “Court Appointed Deputy” who would then, subject to Court supervision deal with that persons affairs on a day to day basis. This involves an application to the Court of Protection. Whilst this is a more complex procedure than executing a Lasting Powers of Attorney, it is perfectly feasible and we are accustomed to dealing with such cases.”

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